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7.62×39 FMJ 122 GR 500 Rounds


Caliber: 7.62×39

Bullet: 122 GR FMJ

Muzzle Velocity: 2396 FPS

Muzzle Energy :1659 FPS

Casing Steel

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Product info of 7.62×39 FMJ 122 GR

7.62×39 ar barrel FMJ 122 GR ammo is the same as all other Russian ammo. It does not have a copper jacket. Instead, it is a bi-metal jacket just like Tula, Wolf, or Herter’s. Make sure you have a quality or chrome-lined barrel on your gun; otherwise, it will wear quickly with this ammo.


  • 20-round box
  • Steel casing
  • 7.62×39 rifles caliber
  • 123 grains
  • Full metal jacket


  • Hunting – Species: Hog/Predator
  • Number of rounds: 20
  • Grain weight: 123

What’s in the Box?

Monarch® Full Metal Jack 7.62×39 ar barrel 123-Grain Rifle Ammunition



Important Product and Safety Information

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For wellbeing reasons, we don’t acknowledge returns on ammo. Continuously ensure you utilize the right ammo for your particular gun.

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7.62 x39 ammo, also known as 762 Soviet AK-47, is a rimless rifle cartridge that originated during WWII and has remained a popular choice for target practice due to its lower cost than comparable calibers. However, this ammunition is also used for hunting whitetails and other small to medium-sized game. Most deer hunters turn to Hollow Point (HP) or Soft Point (SP) bullets, while competitive shooters and range aficionados usually go with Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) ammunition We have some of the best 7.62×39 rounds on the market, and you can shop online from trusted ammo brands including HornadyWolf Ammo and Winchester to ensure your AR, AK or other compatible rifle variant performs to its fullest potential.


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