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CCI – Blazer – 9mm – 115 Grain – FMJ – 50 Rounds



Product info of  CCI – Blazer – 9mm – 115 Grain

CCI Blazer 9mm handgun ammunition features reloadable brass cases, quality primers and clean-burning propellants. It offers reliable, accurate performance for target shooting.

  • Features reloadable brass cases, reliable primers and clean-burning propellants
  • Standard boxer-type primers and primer pockets make reloading easy
  • Affordable—great for target practice

 Benefits CCI – Blazer – 9mm – 115 Grain

9mm Luger by CCI are an excellent choice for target practice or just plinking around at the range. CCI Blazer Brass 9mm Luger is a new production, non-corrosive, re-loadable ammunition with boxer primers and brass casing. … 9mm ammo is fun to shoot, offers relatively low recoil and yields great target results.

Specifications CCI – Blazer – 9mm – 115 Grain

Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket Round Nose (FMJRN) Bullet Weight: 115 grMuzzle Energy: 323 ft lbsMuzzle Velocity: 1145 fps.

What’s in the CCI – Blazer – 9mm – 115 Grain


Hornady ELD Match .224 Val kyrie Rifle Ammunition

CCI - Blazer - 9mm

CCI – Blazer – 9mm



Richard “Dick” Speer (1915-1994) possessed a remarkable talent for things mechanical. He was a machinist at Boeing Aircraft’s Seattle plant when he realized that his brother Vernon’s success in the component bullet business (Speer) meant there was money to be made in reloading.

There were many proprietary rifle cartridge designs like the Weatherby and Newton that were not supported by the big ammo companies. Dick decided to make cases to service this small but active market. He left Seattle and joined Vernon in Lewiston, Idaho. In a small room at the Speer plant, he began production of these special cases using an impact extrusion process.

After two name changes, Speer and his partner, Arvid Nelson, settled on the name Cascade Cartridges, Inc., or CCI.

Although Speer’s case-making process was sound, the quality of the raw material was not. In the years after WWII, most stocks of cartridge brass had been depleted for the war effort. Faced with an untenable situation, Speer turned to a different path. Component primers for reloaders were in short supply. Some war surplus primers were showing up, but the supply and choice was limited. Speer decided to get into the component primer business.

Speer intended to build primers for hobby reloaders, however, CCI’s first shipment was to fulfill a military contract using the chlorate FA-70 formula. He then turned to non-corrosive, non-mercuric formulas for sporting cartridges. Reloaders now had a steady supply of rifle and pistol primers that was unheard of previously.


Besides, you must be 18 or older to purchase Rifle or Shotgun Ammunition and 21 or older to purchase Handgun Ammunition. Similarly, in ordering this product, you certify that you are of legal age and satisfy your jurisdiction’s legal requirements to purchase this product. Consequently, for safety reasons, we do not accept returns on ammunition. Always make sure you use the correct ammunition for your specific firearm.

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