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Hornady HP XTP® 9mm 124-Grain Bullets



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Product info for Hornady XTP ® 9mm ammo 124-Grain Bullets

Besides this is a 9mm Hornady Custom 124gr. XTP Hollow Point Ammo. Also this Hornady Custom pistol ammo is loaded with the Hornady XTP (Extreme Terminal Performance) bullets which are supremely accurate and deliver maximum knockdown power. Brass, primers, and powder are chosen to ensure optimal pressure, velocity, and consistency. Muzzle Velocity: 1110 fps Muzzle Energy: 339 ft. lbs. It comes packed on the 25th. Boxes.

Features and Benefits of Hornady  XTP® 9mm ammo 124-Grain Bullets

Controlled expansion to 1.5 times the original diameter over a wide range of velocities
0.355″ diameter
100-round box
9mm caliber
0.165 ballistic coefficient
124 grains
Heavy jackets stand up to the high pressures and velocities of high-performance handgun cartridges

Hornady HP XTP® 9mm 124-Grain Bullets

Specifications of Hornady  XTP ® 9mm 124-Grain Bullets

Caliber: 9mm
Number of rounds: 100
Grain weight: 124

What’s in the Box?

Hornady HP XTP 9mm 124-Grain Bullets

Important Product and Safety Information

Besides you must be 18 or older to purchase Rifle or Shotgun Ammunition and 21 or older to purchase Handgun Ammunition. Similarly in ordering this product, you certify that you are of legal age and satisfy your jurisdiction’s legal requirements to purchase this product.
Consequently for safety reasons, we do not accept returns on ammunition. Always make sure you use the correct ammunition for your specific firearm.
The sale or shipment of this product to residents of certain jurisdictions is prohibited. Check your local laws before ordering this product. Check your local laws for any other regulations.
We recommend the use of protective eyewear whenever using or near the use of this item.

No doubt, 9mm ammo is one of the most popular handgun ammunition in the world. It is known as 9mm Parabellum or 9X19mm cartridge or 9mm Luger , this ammo is low cost and standard caliber worldwide.

The role of 9mm Luger bullets started in World War I and its continued popularity today testifies to its capabilities as an efficient and effective cartridge.

According to the 2014 edition of Cartridges of the World, the 9×19mm Parabellum is the world’s most popular and widely used military handgun cartridge.

History Of 9mm Ammo

In 1902, DWM firearms designer Georg Luger developed the 9mm Parabellum as a service cartridge, designed for the DWM Luger semi-automatic pistol called the Pistole Parabellum, aka the Luger. He designed it to be lethal at 50 meters. Georg Luger developed the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge from his earlier 7.65×21mm Parabellum round.

Luger presented the ammo to the British Small Arms Committee in 1902 and three prototypes to the US Army in 1903 for testing. By 1904 the German Navy officially adopted the cartridge followed by the German Army in 1906.

As time passed, its use grew to encompass not only the armed forces, but police agencies and civilian self-defense as well.


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